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Hi, I’m Louise and I’m a Self Employed Tropic Skincare Ambassador. I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome and one of the main side effects I was having was with skin issues and reactions due to chemical body products. Tropic has been a game changer for me in reducing reactions and flares. So 2020 I decided to make it my job so now I provide all natural, vegan skincare and makeup with tailored advice from Tropic Skincare.

I decided to start this blog in addition to my social media pages to reach out to a wider and possibly different audience that I hope would try Tropic through me if you haven’t already. I have introduced a few Tropic newbies to the products and they have all converted saying how much it has improved their skin and some with skin conditions.
I am lucky to be able to do this everyday and love it. I have a passion for the products and after years of using them myself I really felt the company was one that I had to work with. I am passionate about our planet & cruelty to animals and have my own Mini little Lion Head Rabbit called Aslan.

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Reef Restoration Programme

Did you know that with each and every Ocean Dive sale, we donate 10% of the profits to the Reef Restoration Foundation? The Reef Restoration Foundation, based in Cairns, Australia, is an organisation dedicated…

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How to contact me for skincare & product advice, read E copy of our latest Glow Magazine and how to shop through me to support me as an ambassador.

About Tropic Skincare

Find out more about the founder, ethos and charity work behind Tropic Skincare! Its why I love it so much with is environmental impacts and charity work.

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